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Day Trip from Barcelona- Figueres and Costa Brava

For my last full day in Barcelona I went on a day trip through Explore Catalunya to see the Dali Museum in Figueres which included stops in the small town of Cadaques and the Cap de Creus in Costa Brava.

The Dali Theatre-Museum

The Dali Museum was a totally wild experience from start to finish. I've always appreciated the few pieces of Dali's that I've know but being within the Museum you get a sense for more of the scope of Dali's work and personality. Dali created the Theatre- Museum as sort of a tribute to himself, in what I came to learn from our guide Enrique, was in true Dali fashion. He actually spent the last few years of his life living in the Museum and is buried within. Our guide was incredibly knowledgable about Dali's life and his relationship with his wife Galli, who features almost obsessively in his art, and we had a lot of time to learn from him in our hour and a half drive from Barcelona.

The museum is a surrealist experience in itself. It goes in no specific order, though the rooms are numbered, and beyond his specific sketches, paintings, sculptures, and gold objects, there are interesting things everywhere to behold. Dali created the museum using holograms, lighting, and spatial elements to create all sorts of strange experiences within. It's truly something you have to be inside of to experience.

Lunch in Cadaques

After spending around 2 hours in the museum (which was more than enough) we drove about 50 minutes to the small coastal town of Cadaques. As we caught our first glimpse of the town I was amazed at how beautiful it is. Perhaps one of the most stunning places I have ever seen. With white and blue buildings, a large and beautiful church on the hill, rocky cliffsides, and gorgeous blue-green ocean this town evoked for me thoughts of places like Santorini, which I've only seen in photos. It was quite literally breathtaking to stand and stare out at the choppy water.

We stayed only for an hour or half or so to have lunch. I ate fresh fish at a bustling oceanfront restaurant. Since it is February and is off season the town was very quiet and the restaurant seemed to be full of locals. Our guide mentioned however that in July and August it is so overcrowded with visitors that it can be hours and hours of traffic to access.

Cap de Crues

The last leg of our journey was to drive by Pt. Lligat where we caught a glimpse of Dali's oceanside home he shared with Galli. It was closed for the month so we could not visit but just gazed at the strange building as we drove past. Then we drove up to the Cap de Crues, the cape of Costa Brava where we took a short walk to take in the incredible coastal views. This area really reminded me of the rocky ocean cliffs around the Bay Area and it was nice to have thoughts of home. After that we made the 2.5 hour drive back to Barcelona to finish off a wonderful day!

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