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Day Trip from Dublin- visiting the Cliffs of Moher, Wild Atlantic Way, and Galway

With a little over 4 days in Dublin I decided I wanted to make sure to get outside of the city to see some of the beautiful rural areas. I chose a tour through Viator via Finn McCool's to head to the West of Ireland to see the beautiful Cliffs of Moher that I had heard about.

Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs are every bit as stunning as I might have hoped. We were fortunate to have a super clear day and the visibility was higher than usual, so taking in these massive cliffsides was especially epic.

You can currently only hike a short ways out to the tower on the north side, but it is worth doing as the views are beautiful.

On the south side you can hike much farther and, in my opinion, the cliffs on the this side were even more incredible to witness due to the sheer size as well as how visible the layers rock are.

It was a fun, muddy 45 minute walk out to the point in which I caught the following view from the south.

The south side only has guard railing up to a certain point and it is incredibly windy so it's very important to be conscientious of where you are choosing to walk, take photos, etc. But we all seemed to feel very comfortable and safe, giving a fair amount of leeway to the cliff edge, even without the rail.

Wild Atlantic Way:

After the Cliffs Of Moher we drove a short distance to the small cliffs of Burren dubbed the Wild Atlantic Way. These cliffs are named for the wild and tumultuous ocean in these parts. The land is beautiful with layered rock formations and the ground itself is a blend of grey stone and bright green moss leading up to the ocean. We were the only people in this area and it was nice to have to solace here. It would be a lovely place to come on your own and spend more time relaxing- weather permitting. Apparently this area is an attraction primarily for rock climbers and surfers, which makes sense given the massive swells and rock formations.


Lastly we stopped in Galway and spent about an hour in this small city. It was cute and full of pubs, but from the parts I saw, not anything I'd go out of my way to visit. Our guide mentioned it's a big party town and would be best visited on a Friday and Saturday night for a taste of wild nightlife.

The tour I went with was:


It was great to get out this way but the tour guides themselves weren't the most informative. I would recommend going instead on a smaller group tour over these bigger coach tours if you can afford the extra fee or renting a car and going on your own! Still for a reasonable price I was glad to have the transportation and some background information to see these sights which I might not have be able to see on my own.

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