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Hiking the Lanipo Mau'umae Ridge Trail

Updated: Feb 2

I discovered this beautiful and challenging hike on AllTrails while I was planning for my trip to Waikiki. On the first day I arrived I decided to jump right into it!

I made the choice to walk up to the trailhead from downtown Waikiki, a 5 mile walk through residential neighborhoods, which gave me a greater sense of this area of Oahu outside of the more tourist centered Waikiki beach.

The trailhead (located at 5002 Maunalani Circle, Honolulu) was not very obvious from the street. I actually walked past it several times before noticing the sign leaned against a fence. From there I squeezed between the fence and an old house. I was slightly concerned that this was not an actual trail and I was trespassing on someone's property, but once you got behind the house the trail opened up and what lay ahead was about 7 miles of steep pathway. I had read that the trail had three large summits and was a little nervous looking up at them, but also excited for the challenge.

The hike was beautiful and the terrain was quite varied. Some part of path were shaded and forest-like, while much of the trail was uncovered with low brush. There were many spots in which you had to scramble up rocks using your hands and even one part of the trail where you had to use a rope tied to a tree to pull yourself up because the path is so steep.

Once I reached the second summit- and saw this view of Honolulu looking tiny from above- I decided it was probably time to cut my losses and turn back. It was extremely hot, I hadn't seen another person for a couple hours, and I had drank most of two liters of water I had brought. Given the difficult terrain I was nervous that if I took a tumble or became overheated I might not encounter another person for quite some time and I was without cell service.

In retrospect, I am absolutely grateful for hiking the 15 miles I did that day and taking in the incredible views. I would highly recommend this hike to others but would suggest hiking with a partner and carrying plenty of water!!

You can find the map for this trail here:

Lanipo Mau'umae Trail

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