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In Bruges- a day trip from Amsterdam 

When I decided to travel to Amsterdam I got a ton of recommendations to do a quick trip to Bruges. It's a fairly easy train ride (about 3 hours) so my travel mate, Erika, and I decided to make it a day trip and head out early in the morning and return late evening.

We caught a day where the weather was really mixed. Sometimes sunshine and other times a literal downpour with a fair amount of variation in between. When the weather was good we decided to stroll around town and just take in the beautiful architecture and green spaces.

The Markt Square is quite stunning with some large regal buildings along with smaller distinct houses and shops. It was also where we encountered our first downpour. We decided to take advantage of the rain to grab some frites. Wow, were they good- it is not surprising Belgium is known for them!

After our snack we got some more clear sky so decided to head to Minnewater Park. It's a cute small little park that's nice for a quick stroll or, I'd imagine, a picnic in the drier seasons.

It was still nice after our walk so we decided to do a canal cruise for 10 euro. There are a few pick up points along the canal. The ride lasts 30 mins and offers a little history and tourism info, along with the beautiful scenery.

We hit our next patch of rain after the canal and decided to, again, wait it out with a snack! This time we went for Belgian waffles from House of Waffles. They were very good- light and fluffy. I don't normally like waffles but these werr very good. We opted to have ours with warm cherries, ice cream and whipped cream!

We decided it was a good time to pick up some Belgian chocolate to take home. There are a ton of stores which sell all sorts of varieties- although we kept seeing interesting tools made of chocolate. We got a variety and kept moving.

We continued our walk around town to take in some more of the beauty...

And then arrived at Halve Maan brewery. It's the oldest brewery in Bruges and they actually distribute their beer via a large pipe that runs under the building and to various establishments around town, which is very interesting! They offer a museum tour but we had missed the last one of the day, so instead we put together a tasting of all 6 of their beers- 24 euro for all 6 glasses! My favorite was definitely the Dubbel. We finished the day with our tasting and then grabbed the train back to Amsterdam!

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