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Soulshine in Ubud- A food lover's paradise!

Updated: Feb 2

I am often a budget traveller but I decided to splurge in order to take what was for me a dream trip- a week in Ubud, Bali at Michael Franti's Soulshine Hotel to take part in their Yoga, Music, and Fitness Retreat. This was a week hanging out with one of my favorite musicians -Michael Franti along with Sara Franti and baby Taj. I'll post more about how wonderful this retreat was for me in a future post, but for now I want to talk about how incredible the food at Soulshine was.

We started the mornings with an opening circle, yoga session, and then fitness workout. Since we needed to fuel up without being too full for our activities we always started our days with fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and infused water.

After our morning activities we would sit down to a buffet style breakfast that was to die for. There was fresh yogurt, veggies, omelettes, and Balinese sweets. I added some fresh hot sauce and was in heaven. We were also served chia puddings, smoothie bowls, and even a fruit pizza!

At dinner we feasted on warm Balinese dishes such as noodles, rice, fritters, skewers, and curries. The food was incredible fresh, made from whole, unprocessed ingredients, and nutritionally sound.

Also available were tonics, smoothies, and cocktails featuring local ingredients and lots of superfoods. I sampled a lot of these and particularly enjoyed their turmeric tonic- which also was thought to help with the inflammation from such vigorous workouts!

The food was also presented incredibly beautifully and thoughtfully and the tables, as we saw was very common in Ubud, were covered in fresh flower petals and made the experience of eating even more of a joy.

Since returning home I've often thought about and tried to apply some of the aesthetics and freshness of the food in Ubud to my own meals.

From this post:

You can find out more here about the retreats offered by Soulshine Bali. The one I attended was their Yoga, Music, and Fitness retreat with Michael and Sara Franti. The yoga was led by Carrington Razook Jackson.

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